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Covo dei Saraceni

Itineraries and Excursion

A stay in Polignano a Mare, near Bari, at the Covo dei Saraceni Hotel, is the chance to go on excursions in the most beautiful region of Puglia, between the Murge, the sea, the typical dwellings known as trulli and its storied countryside, or better go along the roads of wine and flavor, discovering a territory that is new, unexpected excitement. You will find tourist information at the hotel, and even some suggestions.

Grotte di Castellana

A great spectacle at 22 kilometers from the hotel, they are the largest known complex of Karstic caves in Italy. Stalactites and stalagmites make a unique landscape with shapes and colors to be admired, whether at the Grotta Bianca, Caverna dell’Altare, Caverna della Cupola and the Passaggio del Presepio, which can be experiences with expert cave guides during 3 km of a magical visit.

Zoo Safari and Fasanolandia

26 kilometers from the hotel, the Zoosafari and Fasanolandia amusement park offer Nature and entertainment for all ages. The Zoosafari is the largest in Italy, 140 hectares that shelter 1,700 animals of 200 species. Fasanolandia, the amusement park, has great attractions, shows, a botanical garden an a miniature Puglia.


Not to be missed in any excursion to Puglia, 32 km from the Covo dei Saraceni Hotel, the visit to the trulli in Alberobello, a historical center and UNESCO Patrimony of Mankind Site with 1,430 white trulli with dark cones (roofs), rigorously built in dry stone.


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Polignano a Mare is near:

  • - Monopoli, 8 km
  • - Conversano, 10 km
  • - Grotte di Castellana, 22 km
  • - Putignano, 23 km
  • - Zoosafari in Fasano, 26 km
  • - Alberobello, 32 km
  • - Bari, 36 km
  • - Matera, 95 km
  • - Lecce, 100 km